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At The Hops -Beer & Music Podcast

Mar 31, 2015

Chas E and Mike Mitchell check out Denny Tedesco's film The Wrecking Crew.  The Wrecking Crew pays tribute to the group of 1960's studio musicians who played on some of pop music's most important recordings, including the Beach Boys, Sonny & Cher, the Monkees, the Byrds, and Nancy Sinatra to name a few.  And you thought the Monkees themselves played on those recordings, didn't ya?  In addition, The Wrecking Crew also played on numerous soundtrack and jingle recordings including the theme to M.A.S.H, Mission Impossible, and Bonanza.  

Chas and Mike give you the lowdown on this great documentary with their own personal reactions and clips from the film itself.   The Wrecking Crew is now playing at select theaters or is available for download at Amazon.

Of course, we have beer as well!  Chas and Mike check out two beers this week including the Black Is The New Wit from Terrapin Beer in conjunction with New Belgium Brewing and Sriracha Hot Stout from Rogue Ales.

Our good friend Jack drops in to give everyone the scoop on "witbier," and Chas finally delivers his promised song in honor of actress Renee Props aka "Lois" on Seinfeld.