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At The Hops -Beer & Music Podcast

Jul 14, 2014

Writers Will Dodson and Emmett "Chick" Dodson join Chas E and Mike to discuss their book Tennessee Chicken - Real Life Stories of an Orphan From East Tennessee. Chick has lived through 13 presidents, survived attacks from boars, bees, pit bulls, and grenades, and rubbed elbows with many celebrities including Eleanor Roosevelt and Ella Fitzgerald. Chick and Will have assembled some of Chick’s best stories for their book "Tennessee Chicken" and share some of their favorite moments with Chas and Mike. We also have a few beers to check out including the Beaver Tail Blond Ale from Kassik’s Brewing, Liquid Sunshine from Breakside Brewery and Expedition Amber Ale from Harmon Brewing Company. All beers on today’s show were recommended by And, in the music department, we have three live performances of Americana great Keith Harden from our At The Hops archives.