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At The Hops -Beer & Music Podcast

Apr 6, 2015

Singer/songwriter Tom Whall joins Chas E. and Mike Mitchell for more rounds of original music and beer tasting.

Originally from Maryland, Tom Whall came to Nashville after studying drums and percussion at the Baldwin Conservatory of Music in Ohio.  Today he's making waves in Music City as a singer/songwriter as well as a percussionist.  Tom plays three new tunes for us including Hard WiredSame Damn Life, and Hard To Read, and shares where you can download his latest album Colored Ground for whatever price you'd like!  We think it should a pretty generous price considering his great sounds!

We also check out three beers recommended by  This week's beers include the Ketch of the Day from Coronado Brewing Company, the Diamond Knot IPA from Diamond Knot Brewing, and the Big Bang from NoLi Brewhouse.  And you'll get some more great tips on beer and beer tasing as our ol' pal Jack stops by to give us the lowdown on Kolsch style beers.