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At The Hops -Beer & Music Podcast

Nov 17, 2014

Mike Mitchell and Chas E are back with 3 more beers , 3 more original songs from Nashville artists, and 2 (thats right 2) Top 6 lists to tantalize your intellect. Okay, we’re exaggerating on the intellect thing, but we promise you a great time. First off, Mike and Chas take on a controversial Top 6 of the Top Douche Bags in Country Music. How could there be douche bags in any kind of music! Well, we’ll check out suggestions from writer Mike Seely and see if we agree or disagree. And then as if that wasn’t enough, Mike and Chas create their own Top 6 list - the Top 6 Hottest Seinfeld Girlfriends as featured on the comedy series. It’s truly groundbreaking stuff that could only be created after plenty of craft beer tasting. Speaking of craft beer, we take on three offerings this episode including the Vader CDA from Gilgamesh, the VIP from Hop Valley Brewing, and the Spruce Beerstein from Jackalope Brewing. Three great dark ales with three distinct personalities. We also revisit three awesome performances from previous At The Hops including Roger Jaegar, Steve Charles and Grace Pettis - another trio of big talents with truly, distinct voices. And the good times don’t end there, we even have a hint of Ross Mathews news in the mix. How could that be you wonder? Just get your free episode and see!