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At The Hops -Beer & Music Podcast

Dec 17, 2014

Chas E and Mike Mitchell get you in the holiday spirit as we span all things Christmas - from best to worst. Of course everything is great with music and beer and we check out two winter beers including the Christmas Ale from Schlafly Brewing and Ginger Bread Head from Shipyard Brewing Company; and hear tracks from our favorite Christmas album - Acoustic Christmas Sessions by Danika Holmes and Jeb Hart. You can purchase that cd from a link at our site - makes a great Christmas gift. Need more Christmas gift ideas? How about Adrian Belew’s new Flux App - we take this revolutionary musical app out for a spin as well. We also check out some of the worst things about the holiday season with Chas E’s choices of Top 6 Worst Christmas Songs. On top of all this, we have some special holiday theatre in store for you as Chas and Mike act out some of their favorite holiday specials.