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At The Hops -Beer & Music Podcast

Apr 20, 2015

Film director Denny Tedesco joins Chas E to give more insight into the trials and tribulations of creating his documentary film the Wrecking Crew .  Denny will be present for a special screening of the Wrecking Crew this week in Nashivlle at the Belcourt.  Of course Chas and Mike Mitchelll will also be there to give At The Hops listenerst the live experience, and this episode will get our faithful listeners prepped for the big event. sends Chas a Rye I.P.A. to check out - the Rocket Dog Rye I.P.A. from Laughing Dog Brewing and we revisit a great tune from At The Hops regular Alyssa Jacey.  Curious about what a Rye I.P.A. may be, our Ol' Pal Jack drops in to give us all the details.