Hoppy Holidays 2016!

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Dark Horse 4 Elf

Stone Xocoveza

Okay, we know that Christmas is officially over but the holiday spirit at At The Hops goes on indefinitely.  To prove it, here is our latest beer and music filled holiday podcast.  Chas and Mike kick off the show with the lowdown on winter warmers and a close look at the Dark Horse 4 Elf winter warmer from Dark Horse Brewing Company.

Chas relates his latest choices for Top 6 terrible holiday songs while Mike offers some witty commentary.  All under the influence of Stone Xocoveza – a winter spiced mocha stout from Stone Brewing.

We’ve also got the latest in Craft Beer News and some awesome musical performances from our own Chas and Mike.  And in the true holiday tradition, it’s totally on the house!

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Special thanks to Kevin MacLeod and Ben Sound for their wonderful background music!