Musicians AnneMarie Neff & Ken Grandjean, Beer Expert Jeremy Short, and Terrapin Beer’s Poivre Potion Saison

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AnneMarie Neff & Ken Grandjean
It’s a jam packed craft beer, musical extravaganza on this week’s At The Hops.  We’ve got superstar musicians AnneMarie Neff and Ken Grandjean.  The music dynamic duo return to our studio to share some stories from their last tour of Ireland and talk about their upcoming return to the UK.  AnneMarie and Ken give us two amazing performances including AnneMarie’s original “What I Got” featured on her latest EP “Brand New Day

AnneMarie and Ken also join Chas and Mike for tasting of the Terrapin Beer Side Project known as Poivre Potion Dry Hopped Pink Peppercorn Saison.  And if you’re not sure what a saison is – we’ll have ol’ buddy Jack tell you all the details on another edition of That’s The Fact Jack.

Up for some more beer learning?  We have a special visit from Certified Beer Judge Jeremy Short to give us some tips on improving our understanding of mouthfeel.  Jeremy is a renowned beer blogger as well and his highly informative articles can be found

All this and the latest in craft beer news!

Special thanks to these artists for their wonderful background music: