Steve Goodie and the Imperial Ales

3 years ago chas-e 0

Get ready for some great beers and great laughs as singer/songwriter/comedian Steve Goodie joins Chas and Mike on this week’s At The Hops.

You may know Steve Goodie‘s parodies from the Dr. Demento show or the FuMP website, or you may have seen him host the Sunday shows at the Bluebird Cafe.  You may even own one of his 26 hysterical cd’s, and if you don’t, you’ll definitely want to pick one up after you hear his live performances of the Tom Petty inspired “Pedley” and his latest contribution to the age of Tinder.   We also check out “The NASCAR Song” from the cd Welcome to Stupid Country – a timeless Steve Goodie classic that will change the way you drive forever!

Our good friend Jack drops by to give us the lowdown on Imperial Ales and we crack open two Imperial offerings including the Green Flash Imperial IPA and the Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout from Schlafly Brewing.  If you’ve always wondered what an Imperial Ale really is, than this show will answer all of your burning questions.

Also, we have a round of Top 6 with the Top 6 Funniest Classic Rock Songs and Steve brings his biting wit to the Speed Round.  It’s all free as always and available at iTunes or the embedded player below!

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