More Beer – Less Buzz Pt 1

3 years ago chas-e 0

Chas E and Mike Mitchell continue to celebrate the holidays with more music and more holiday beers. This week is also part 1 of a special experiment in which Chas and Mike try out a home remedy for mitigating the effects of alcohol.  Esquire magazine says this remedy works like a charm, but we’ll put it to the real test.

We have more holiday beers on this show including New Belgium’s Frambozen and Nuclear Winter from Finch’s Brewery. We also hear a live performance from our own Mike Mitchell, and Chas E unveils his latest song for the charity

There’s more!  We check out some silly Christmas songs including Chas E’s latest creation for Ross Mathews, a Random Song with a holiday theme from 2013, and we feature a new Top 6 of great musicians born on Christmas Day.

It’s all free on iTunes or the embedded player below!

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