Derek Thomas

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Singer/songwriter Derek Thomas joins Chas E and Mike Mitchell all the way from sunny California to chat about his love for the surf and, of course, his love of music. Derek and his band Skyline Drive have recently released their album “Beyond The Trestles” and Derek gives us some insight into the inspirations behind his Americana sound – be it salty waves or honey whiskey.  Derek also gives a taste of “Beyond The Trestles” as we check out some tunes including “Honey Whiskey” and “Midnight Lady.”

The tasting doesn’t stop there, however, as we have two craft beers to get into, including Yazoo’s special release the Americana Fest Ale and Pumpkin Patch Ale from Rogue Ales.  Not to mention, we have a Top Six list that you will never forget as we dare to countdown the Top 6 Female Bodies of All Time.  Oh yes, you heard that right!  And yes, it does lead to trouble, especially when our favorite co-host Adia K drops in.

It’s all free to download at iTunes or the embedded player below.

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