Tennessee Brew Works

4 years ago chas-e 0

Chas E and Mike Mitchell visit one of Nashville’s most innovative breweries – Tennessee Brew Works. Check out some exciting new ales as brewmaster Garr gives Chas and Mike the lowdown on Tennessee Brew Works innovative processing. You’ll hear all about their zesty Walk the Lime Wheat Ale, the spicy Basil Ryman Saison and the famous Country Roots Sweet Potato Stout to name a few.  You may want to head straight down to Tennessee Brew Works yourself after hearing about their magnificent creations.  And why not?  They have a fantastic tap room that features great views of their modern facilities and great sounds from Nashville’s best singer/songwriters.  Speaking of music, we have a bit on this episode as well as Chas E. plays one of his latest creations – we’re not even sure it’s finished yet.

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