DryHop Brewing – Chicago

4 years ago chas-e 0

We’re going on the road!  It’s a series of planes, trains and automobiles as Chas E takes us to the great city of Chicago – specifically 3155 North Broadway.  That’s the home of DryHop Brewers – one of the most innovative brewers on the planet.  DryHop Brewers produces some amazing beers, including IPAs, APAs, Belgian beers, and their own experimental creations.  Just check out some of their vast range of brews using everything from lemongrass to mulberry leaves.

At The Hops meets up with the maestro behind DryHop‘s creations, as brewer Brant Dubovick takes a moment from his busy schedule to chat with Chas E.  Brant tell us some of the inspirations behind his creations and give us some previews of beers to come.

And, as always, we’ll have some music for your enjoyment on this Chicago adventure.  So get on your headphones and prepare for a trip to DryHop Brewers of Chicago on this week’s At The Hops.  It’s always free at iTunes or the embedded player below.