Brooklyn Beat Down

4 years ago chas-e 0
Chas E.Mike Mitchell, and Adia K take in a few of Brooklyn Brewery‘s Big Bottle selections and the results are pretty big indeed!  This episode may in fact rival the famous Mangria episode (see June 2013 if you dare).  It’s all good fun, though, as we enjoy some Brooklyn Local 1, Brooklyn Local 2, and Sorachi Ace while Adia keeps us posted on the latest news, and Chas leads a round of Top 6, featuring the top dollar earning women in music.  
And, of course, we have some killer tunes for ya!  We have a special preview of Ty Brando‘s new cd Don’t Go To That Well.  Ty Brando is one of Nashville’s finest singer/songwriters and it’s our honor to showcase his latest offering on At The Hops.  We even give you a listen to one of our favorite tracks – The Only Blue

It’s an extra long, extra special, and extra intoxicating (or maybe intoxicated) episode.  So jump on board!  Next stop…Brooklyn!

You can listen at free on iTunes or you can listen on the embedded player below.  Cheers!