Just Duette!

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Shake off the post Valentines blues and have a few beers with Chas EMike Mitchell and one of Nashville’s most best musical duo’s – Duette!  Duette is the musical partnership of singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Duane Spencer and singer/songwriter/celebrity chef Paulette Licitra.  Have you heard of them before?  We wouldn’t be surprised!  You may have seen them here in Nashville at the Frist Center or at New York’s famous Bitter End.  They certainly get around.  You may be an avid reader of Paulette‘s literary site Alimentum Journal or heard Duane‘s song Jason & Ida performed by Kate Taylor with help from brother James and someone called Carly.  Well, if you haven’t, you’ll get all the details and more on the latest At The Hops podcast.  Duane and Paulette will keep you smiling with great musical stories and three live performances of Old Hickory Commuter Train, Jason & Ida, and Call It A Day.

We also have three craft beers from Straight To Ale brewery in Huntsville, Alabama including the Hellfire Quadruppel, the Laika Russian Imperial Stout, and Dark Planet.  And in honor of the Beatles 50 anniversary at Sullivan Theatre we have a special Beatle themed Top 6 list.

Best of all it’s still free of charge!  You can listen at free on iTunes or you can listen on the embedded player below.  Cheers!