Trevor Finlay and the Trouble With Trippels

4 years ago chas-e 0

Singer/songwriter and guitarist extraordinaire Trevor Finlay joins At The Hops for some tunes and trippel ale tasting.  Trevor gives us the scoop on his latest cd “Sandpaper and Bourbon” (nationwide release coming soon so stay tuned), and how it feels to be a star of the documentary film “Send My Mail To Nashville.” Hey, he was not only in it…he wrote the theme song, and he plays it for us live in the studio along with two other burning performances including “I Need A New Heart” and “Leave A Mark.”

Trevor also lends his hand in tasting a few trippel style ales with Chas E. and Mike Mitchell. They get the low down on what a trippel is from everyone’s favorite beer guru, Jack, and rate three craft trippels from the US and Canada.

Hey, it’s an international show with killer performances and high gravity ales, and it’s all free on iTunes or you can listen on the embedded player below.  Cheers!