Grace Pettis Takes The Lagers vs. Ales Challenge

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Superstar singer/songwriter Grace Pettis joins Mike Mitchell and Chas E. for the latest music and beer packed edition of At The Hops.  Grace is a previous winner of the NPR Mountain Stage NewSong contest, the Wildflower Performer Songwriter Contest, and was an official showcase artist at the 2010 International Folk Alliance.  Her sophomore album “Two Birds” is a collaboration with producer Billy Crockett, and has received rave reviews from notable publications such as Maverick and Direct Current.  Check out her live performance of “Moving On” from “Two Birds” as well as other great tunes, including “TVA” written by her brother, Rayvon Pettis.

Grace lends more than her musical expertise to this episode of At The Hops as she,  Mike and Chas take the lager vs. ale challenge.  The trio do a blindfold tasting of three beers from New Belgium Brewing and attempt to tell whether each beer is an ale or a lager.  It’s one of those tests that nobody minds taking!

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