Luke Amelang and Porters vs. Stouts

4 years ago chas-e 0
Singer/songwriter Luke Amelang has roots in both Texas and Alabama, but he belongs to Nashville now.  This week, Luke brings his hot, finger-pickin, Americana style to At The Hops with three great performances including “I Got It Made,” “Scars,” and “Pathways & Signal Fires.”  Check out  Luke‘s heart felt sound and toe-tapping rhythm, and get psyched for the full length cd he’ll be putting out later this year.  We’ll keep you posted.

Luke Amelang doesn’t stop serving up the goods with music; he lends a helping hand to Chas E. and Mike Mitchell as they take the porter vs. stout challenge. The beer drinking trio submit themselves to a “blindfold test” of various porter and stout ales to see if they can detect the differences in these beer relatives.  Do you know the differences between porters and stouts?  Tune in to this episode and we’ll walk through the facts together.

All of this music and beer enthused education is free at ITunes! So download the latest episode of At The Hops, get to know Luke Amelang and learn some fun facts about porters and stouts.  Cheers!