Kristen Cothron

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Singer/songwriter Kristen Cothron and Justin Conn from her band the Darkside join Chas E and Mike Mitchell for this week’s episode of At The HopsKristen‘s sound is a modern mix of blues, rock, smoke and passion that you won’t want to miss. Check out her live performances of “Fall” and “Dangerous” as well as the track “Dark Side” from her latest cd “Show Me Where The Edge Is” produced by Ben Strano.

And, of course, we check out three craft beers including Bellevue Brewing’s India Pale Ale, 10 Barrel’s Pray for Snow Winter Ale, and Big Al’s Smoked Porter. Three great recommendations from our friends at

It’s all free on ITunes, so click on the link below or use the embedded player to enjoy the great sounds of  Kristen Cothron and some craft beer talk. And don’t forget to leave some ITunes feedback.