Meet The Seavers

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Dorothy GilmoreJace Seavers, and Duane Spencer of  Meet The Seavers join Chas E and Mike Mitchell for this week’s rounds of talk, craft beer tasting and tunes. Meet The Seavers are Nashville’s premiere jazz ensemble and more.  Their music is a unique blend of commentary, soul, theatrics, swing, and humor – guaranteeing there is never a dull moment when they take center stage.  And if you’re unable to catch one of their live performances, you can check out the Meet The Seavers Television Show.  Hear how it all got started for JaceDorothy and Duane on this week’s podcast, as well as some swinging live performances of  “Give Me Flame,” “If I Were A Nightingale,” and “The Cruelty Your Flaunt.”
Of course, we’ll also be checking out three craft beers with our special guests, and this week’s beers include Caldera’s Ginger BeerFrench Broad Brewery‘s IPA, and the Little Red RooStarr Coffee Cream Stout from Starr Hill. Three more reasons to tune into this week’s At The Hops podcast.
Best of all, you can download it free at ITunes! So what are you waiting for? DorothyJace, DuaneChas and Mike are all waiting for you to tune in and have a good time. And don’t forget to leave some feedback. We love it!