Frank ‘n’ Finch

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It’s time for a mid month episode.  Okay, we know what you’re thinking…it’s actually past mid month!  Well, our good friend and host Chas E. was taking a little time off during July, but no worries, we have still managed to get out a mid month show.  And hey, everyone had an extra week to enjoy more of Alyssa Jacey.  What’s not to like about that?

We have some great stuff in this midway Chas E and Mike Mitchell show, including three beers from Chicago’s Finch’s Beer Company.  Chas has been a regular consumer of Finch’s Beer in the past and is completely intoxicated to have them featured on the show.  The specific beers sampled are the Threadless IPA, the Facist Pig Ale, and the Secret Stache Stout.

Don’t think we have forgotten the music side of our program.   This episode features music from singer/songwriter John Frank from Orlando, Florida.  John Frank met Chas and Mike at a recent Bluebird Cafe performance, and everyone there was blown away by John‘s smooth vocals and rich songwriting.  On this episode of At The Hops we feature John‘s song “Victim of the Heart” from his cd Anywhere But Here, and John gives us some insight to the inspiration for this song, and news on his next cd.

Also featured on this episode is a live performance of Mike Mitchell‘s “Mockingbird,” Chas E‘s song “Take It Slow” written for, a round of Random Song, a discussion of rock ‘n’ roll’s top 10 moments, and some of Chas and Mike‘s favorite Kosmo Kramer moments.  There’s nothing we won’t talk about on this show!

So cue up the headphones and prepare for some Frank as well as some Finch.  Cheers!

UPDATE:  Hey, our last guest Alyssa Jacey has been nominated for this years Nashville Independent Music Awards! 

Vote for her here:
She’s under the “Best Live Country Performer” category

Itunes link: