Now serving Tea and Mangria!

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This episode of At The Hops may have gotten a bit out of hand.  Thank goodness we had special guest Krista Darting from to help keep things in line.  For the first time in  At The Hops history, we decided to taste something other than beer, and hosts Mike Mitchell and Chas E were subjected to all the wonders of Adam Carolla‘s invention – Mangria
Mangria comes with one heck of a kick with an ABV percentage of about 20, and some generous doses of Signature Orange MangriaWhite Peach Pear Mangria, and the 50/50 mix definitely take a toll on Mike and Chas.  They manage, though, with some sober help from Krista Darting to make it through a segment of “Things People Write on their Social Media” as well as an original song, “Can’t Get Enough of You” from Mike.  
Wait, there’s more!  We have more original music on this episode from New York singer/songwriter Jonathan Tea!  Jonathan  was recently in Nashville and Chas was fortunate enough to land an interview with this exceptional songwriter.  Also, Jonathan shares with us two of his original recordings – “Man on the Moutain” and “Ghosts.”  Great music you won’t want to miss!
Best of all, the podcast is, as always, free of charge!  So, sit back, relax and enjoy some generous servings of both Mangria and Tea!  And for even more music check out the site of our special guest – Krista Darting at   

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