Chas & Mike meet Brewmaster Ben Bredesen

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So, you probably thought At The Hops only featured interviews with musicians.  Well, we’re turning over a new leaf with this latest Chas & Mike edition of the At The Hops podcast.  On this episode we have an interview with Fat Bottom Brewing brewmaster himself – Ben Bredesen (yes, that’s Ben in the center of the picture above, and no, that’s not Chas & Mike with him).   Mind you, this interview was conducted after Chas & Mike spent about an hour tasting Fat Bottom beers, so coherency may not be all there.  We still think you’ll enjoy it, though.

Wait, there’s more!  We have an interview with previous guest, singer-songwriter Eric Stuart who is on the verge of releasing his latest cd Lipstick and Barbed Wire,  an original song from Mike Mitchell about “Small Towns,” and a completely ridiculous song from  Chas E. about “Wieners.”  Yes, that’s right…”Wieners!”  Plus we have another round of Name That Hopper, Random Song and, of course, there’s beer!  This episode  Chas & Mike check out three new selections from which include the Oatmeal Pale Ale from Burnside Brewing Company, the Breakaway IPA from American Brewing Company and Quilter’s Irish Death from Iron Horse Brewery.  Miss this exciting episode you’ll also miss Chas & Mike‘s great debate on golf vs. hockey!

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