Danika Holmes & Jeb Hart!

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It’s spring time!  Wait, maybe it already was.  Was it?  Here at At The Hops we can’t remember what day it is. All we know is the lawn mowers are humming again, the air conditioner is blowing, and we are in the mood for beer and music.  The last part is always true.

And what music could be better than Danika Holmes and Jeb Hart!  Have you heard these two?  If you haven’t, you absolutely should, and you can do it on the latest episode of At The Hops.  Our latest episode features this extraordinary duo Danika and Jeb and, as always, we subject them to tasting three craft beers.  Ironically, Danika, turned out to be quite the beer expert!  And this super duo treats us to three original songs including Bluebird, Sway Into The Storm, and Living Your Dream.  By the way, their touring name is simply Danika,” and you can hear that whole story on the podcast.

Our three craft beers for this episode include the Deluxe Spring Lager from Silver City Brewery, the Apocalypse IPA from 10 Barrel Brewing Company, and the Prohibition Ale from San Francisco Speakeasy Ales And Lagers.  All three beers were selected by www.microbeerclub.com.

We also have another round of “Name That Hopper” which is your chance to win a free At The Hops t-shirt, and Random Song.  Good stuff!  Enjoy spring and enjoy another episode of At The Hops!

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