Blue Pants Brewery, Bluebird Cafe, and the Blue Pill

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Well, tax season is over, so lets all take a deep breath, relax, have a beer and listen to some new songs with Chas E and Mike Mitchell.  On this mid month special edition of At The HopsChas and Mike take charge of the musical duties for a show that seems to focus on the blues.  First off, we have our three beers from Blue Pants Brewery in Madison, Alabama, including the Highwater Hoppy Trippel, the Tuxedo Black IPA, and the Pinstripe Stout.  

The blues theme continues as Chas and Mike host our first round of Random Song.  What’s this all about?  We’ve asked our listeners to send us random topics to  We’ll select one from time to time for the Random Song segment, where Chas and Mike will take that random topic and turn it into an original song.  Anything goes, so send in your ideas!  If we use your idea for Random Song, we’ll send you an At The Hops t-shirt.  This episodes winner was Don Hillaker who asked Chas and Mike to write about Cialis or the “blue pill” – told you that blue theme would sneak in there!

Also, you’ll hear a new Chas and Mike original song called “That’s Alright” or “That’s Alright With Me” – they’re still deciding.  At any rate, they do a fine, practice run of this tune on the podcast in preparation for playing at the famous Bluebird Cafe in Nashville.  You know the place!  It’s in that television show.  And since that performance has actually happened, you can see it in the video below.  No, they weren’t on the television show!

Wait, there’s more!  There is also one extra special blues in this episode from Chas E junior.  We’ll let you find that one as a surprise.  And there is the “Hopper contest” in honor of our new t-shirts!  At The Hops will play a quote from the one and only Dennis Hopper.  If you can be the first to name the film the quote is from, you’ll win an  At The Hops t-shirt.  Check out the quote on the podcast and send your answers to

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