Kent Gordon Take A Wild Ride w/ Beers From Oregon

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Spring is here and that means it’s a great time for music and beer (then again…when isn’t it a great time).  And to complement such a great pair, this month’s edition of At The Hops features an amazing pair of singer/songwriters – the duo known as Kent Gordon.

Cathy Kent and David Gordon are two of Nashville’s most in demand musicians both as performers and as the creators/hosts of the renowned Performing Writer series.  They join Chas E. and Mike Mitchell to talk about their latest projects, write an entirely new song about taxes, and try out a few beers from Oregon.  This month’s featured beers are:  the Descender IPA from Goodlife Brewing in Bend, Oregon; the Klickitat Pale Ale from Alameda Brewing in Portland, Oregon; and the Overcast Espresso Stout from Oakshire Brewing in Eugene Oregon.

As always,  there are awesome performances from our musical guest Kent Gordon.  It’s a Wild Ride for sure.  So, prepare to spend no money, download a totally free podcast, and enjoy yourself!  No April Fools here – except Chas did accidentally delete part of the interview…no joke… check it out for yourself.  Don’t worry, we make up for it with an extra tune from Kent Gordon.  Bonus!!

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