Tasting w/ Ty Brando

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Singer/songwriter  Ty Brando joins Chas E. for the March episode of At The Hops.  Ty has been a regular fixture in the Nashville songwriter scene and was recently recognized by Nashville Scene Magazine for hosting one of the best writers nights in all of Nashville (you can check out the article by clicking here).  That’s quite a recognition!

The good vibes don’t stop there, though.  Ty has a great new cd That’s Just The Way It Goes to talk about and he performs three brand new tunes live in the At The Hops studio.

Oh yeah…did I forget something?  How could I?  As always there is beer!  This month’s beer selections come to us from www.microbeerclub.com, and they are the Afterburner IPA from Flyers Brewing, the Fremont Abominable Ale from Fremont Brewing and the Doryman’s Dark Ale from Pelican Brewing.

So get ready for more beer and more great music.  Don’t forget to leave us comments at Itunes.

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