Kevin Masch Brings the Song For February and the Beer!

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February is a short month.  That being the case, you may think At The Hops would give you a shorter episode.  Au contraire, mes amis!  We have for you one monster episode!

Singer/songwriter Kevin Masch joins hosts Chas E. and Mike MItchell and plays 5 of his original songs including, “Home,” “Wedding Song,” “September Song,” “Angel Dreams, and, of course, “Song For February.”  But wait, it gets better!  Not only does Kevin join in for the traditional At The Hops beer tasting, he brings with some great beer samples from his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio.  How great is that?

And you may ask, what beers are the subject of this month’s At The Hops beer tasting?  Well, this month we feature beers from Lagunitas Brewing Company including one beer which dares to go buy the name Lagunitas Sucks.

It’s an episode you won’t want to miss, and, as always, it’s absolutely free.  So, you have no excuse for not listening!

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