Into the New Year with Stacey K. Black!

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Happy New Year At The Hops listeners!  Get ready for another talent and beer packed episode of the At The Hops podcast.

We kick off the new year with multi-talented artist Stacey K. Black – singer, songwriter, film maker and hair stylist.  What!  Hair stylist!  Did I say hair stylist?  Yes, that’s right!  This talented woman has been an essential part of the Hollywood scene as a songwriter, director, and hair stylist.  You want to hear the whole story?  Check out the podcast, and hear all about Stacey K’s experiences in music and film that have led her to featured songs in “The Closer” and “Major Crimes,” as well as her current project directing the singer/songwriter documentary “Send My Mail To Nashville.”  Stacey also performs three originals and shares with us her rendition of “House Of The Rising Sun” from the film  “The Trial of Ben Barry.”

And, of course, there will be beer!  In the At The Hops tradition, we have three beers featured including Pike’s Monk’s Uncle Tripel Ale from the Pike Brewing Company, the Hop Czar India Pale Ale from BridgePort brewing and the Artic Rhino Coffee Porter from Midnight Brewing.

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