Eric Stuart, Zach Toporek, and Lucky Bucket Brewing Company

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So…back when this podcast started I said we’d try to keep each episode down to an hour.  Well, I lied.  I did!  I told a big, fat lie!  The truth is, and I’m not lying, we’ve just been so lucky to get so much good material that we can’t keep it down to an hour.

Look at who we have this month!  We have the one and only Eric Stuart who joins us live in the At The Hops studio.  Eric is an extremely accomplished musician and has worked with some of the biggest names in the music business.  Thus, he has some awesome stories to tell.  And not only that, he plays for us three acoustic songs including “Falls On Me” from the album of the same name, “Blind Man,” from the album “In The County Of Kings,” and “Written In The Stars” from his newest and unreleased album “Lipstick And Barbed Wire.”  That’s right!  You’ll be getting a sneak preview of Eric’s newest album!  It ain’t even on the shelf yet and you can already hear an entire tune.

Wait, the excitement doesn’t stop there!  We also have a remote interview with Zach Toporek who leads a musical project known as Young Mothers.  Zach is hanging in Brooklyn, New York these days, which ironically is Eric Stuart‘s old stomping grounds.  Zach shares with us a cut from his latest EP “I Want To Be A Beautiful Star Warrior” called “Go Mad,” and if you dig Bowie, Nilsson, and the Beatles as well as today’s electronic sounds, you’ll love Zach’s approach to fusing similar sounds together.

And oh yes, there is beer.  There is always beer.  This month’s episode focuses on beers from the Lucky Bucket Brewing Company, a favorite of yours truly.  We check out the “Heartland Wheat,” the “Pre-Prohibition Style Lager,” and “Original American India Pale Ale.”  It’s a variable trilogy of taste.

So get your Ipod, Iphone, computer, or whatever you got ready…and get ready to tune in to the latest edition of At The Hops!

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